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Whitewater, Microbrews, and Bluegrass in the Mountains

Pickin' and Paddlin' in the Park - South Main Town Square Buena Vista, ColoradoBluegrass, microbrews and mountains – they’re a winning, Colorado combination. Add some boats, Stand Up Paddle Boards, a little river water and a family-friendly atmosphere to the mix, and you’ve got the 2nd annual Pickin’ N’ Paddlin’ in the Park, a FREE bluegrass benefit this Labor Day weekend in downtown Buena Vista’s South Main Town Square. Saturday, September 1st, Denver-based Oakhurst rocks the park with their ’Rocky Mountain Guerilla Grass.’ Sunday, September 2nd, Musketeer Gripweed, brings their “rambling, rolling, grooving, good times music” to the heart of BV. Demo a Stand Up Paddle Board at the venue starting at 1pm followed by Music at 5pm each day.

Pickin’ N’ Paddlin’ is a FREE show benefiting the Chaffee County Mentors and our local BV Farmers (Weathervane Farm, Cottonwood Creek Dairy and Colorado Grown). Proceeds from beer and food sales as well as donations from the community will benefit these important community entities.

The Music:

Oakhurst is a Denver-based international act with deep Appalachian roots and original songs that fuse traditional bluegrass with indie-rock and a citybilly attitude. The band’s sound is more rustic and rocking, and less jazzy and jammed, than the typical hybrid bluegrass found in the Rocky Mountain region. Oakhurst’s unpretentious, go-for-it interpretation of Bluegrass and its road hardened sound has taken them far beyond the boundaries of Colorado. The Quintet has played everything from major festivals to City sponsored events… from floating festivals in the Caribbean to private parties on mountain tops… from bluegrass festivals in the Appalachians to Chateaus in the Champagne region of France.

Musketeer Gripweed is “rambling, rolling, grooving, good times music. Their songs roll like the hills of the Midwest They groove & climb like the Rocky Mountains where they are created, and they ramble like Ole Miss herself. In a word Gripweed’s music is America in all it’s wild glory. Underneath the depression in these hard times, underneath the bullet fast lifestyles we live today there is still an America that is real and free, that is calling us all back to live more simply and to care enough to bring others along with us on that journey. It’s time for a REVIVAL and Musketeer Gripweed will make you TESTIFY!”
Kids Dancing in South Main Buena Vista Colorado

The Fundraiser:  

Chaffee County Mentors is a program committed to strengthening our community by connecting our young people to purpose and self-worth through positive one on one mentoring relationships. Chaffee County Mentors Program is modeled after Big Brothers Big Sisters of America.

Weathervane FarmCottonwood Creek Dairy and Colorado Grown are an incredible group of hard-working friends who have been supplying the Arkansas Valley with outstanding local food since 2008. They have been tenants on a piece of land just west of BV which was purchased by an out-of-state bank in October 2011. While they continue to operate this 2012 season, their future is uncertain. Help us raise funds to support our youth and the continued health of local agriculture in the Upper Arkansas Valley.

This Colorado getaway is brought to you by the South Main Neighborhood in Downtown Buena Vista. Find your new home or a place to stay the night steps away from shops, galleries, the brewpub and whitewater park on the banks of the Arkansas River.  More infomation about South Main can be found on the excellent Live From South Main blog and on Facebook.